Yee Hoo Looi,

Council of Regulators
Health Sciences Authority Singapore Liaison to the DIA Board

Deputy Director, Therapeutic Products Branch, Health Sciences Authority Singapore

Dr. Yee Hoo Looi is the Deputy Director of Therapeutic Products Branch of the Health Products Regulation Group, Health Sciences Authority (HSA), which administers the regulation and pre-market evaluation for drug registration in Singapore. Dr. Looi started his career in HSA in 2009 as an evaluator for both clinical and toxicology review. He currently leads non-clinical evaluation and is also involved in overseeing the overall benefit-risk assessment for marketing approval.

Dr. Looi graduated with an Honours degree in Pharmacy and obtained a PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom in 2003. He completed his post-doctoral training at King’s College London, focusing on heart failure research. Prior to joining HSA, he was a pharmacologist at a pharmaceutical company, conducting safety assessment of drug candidates.

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