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DIA is Proud to Announce the DIA 2023 Keynote Speaker

DIA 2023 GAM Keynote!

2023 GAM

Junaid Bajwa, MD

Junaid Bajwa, MD is the Chief Medical Scientist at Microsoft Research and a practicing physician in the UK’s National Health Service. Dr. Bajwa has worked across primary care, secondary care, and public health settings in addition to acting as a payer, and policymaker within the UK, where he specialized in informatics, digital transformation, and leadership. He has consulted for health care systems across the US, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Singapore, and Europe. Academically, he is a Clinical Associate Professor at UCL (University College London), and Visiting Scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health.

DIAmond Sessions

DIA 2023

Navigating the Constellation of Efforts to Increase Representation in Clinical Research

DIA 2023

Full Exposure: Artificial Intelligence to Advance, Replace, and Add Efficiency for Patient Benefit

DIA 2023

A Case Study for Illumined Therapeutic Development: Shining the Light on ALS