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As a member-driven volunteer organization, professionals from more than 80 countries have engaged with DIA through our unparalleled membership network, educational offerings, and professional development opportunities.

One of the best ways to maximize global collaborative efforts with DIA is to become a member. You will have unique opportunities to contribute your perspective on the innovative future of life sciences industries alongside expert leadership as well as professionals like you. DIA (founded as the Drug Information Association) is a only global, membership organization dedicated to bringing life sciences and healthcare product development professionals together in a trusted, global, neutral environment. Together, gain valuable professional knowledge and collaborate across disciplines.

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  • DIAの会員とは?

    • ライフサイエンスやヘルスケア分野に従事する80カ国に亘る専門家たちの他に例を見ないネットワーク
    • 学術機関、患者団体、規制当局、研究開発、臨床開発および商業分野、医療業務などの分野からグローバルに集まる専門家
    • 今日の課題について議論し、明日への道筋を描くことに熱意を持って取り組むチェンジ・メーカー
  • DIA会員の特典

    DIA Membership Global Icon 機会をもたらす人脈作り

    毎年世界各地で開催される多岐の分野に亘る、またはトピック別の60を越えるカンファレンスで交流しましょう。 DIAの会員は、全てのイベントやトレーニングで参加費が割引になります。

    DIA Membership Insights Icon 知識と洞察


    DIA Membership Communities Icon コラボレーションのためのコネクション

    DIAには20以上の分野別コミュニティがあり、それらに属する6,000人以上の専門家たちに自由にアクセスすることができます。 リアルタイムの質問への回答を得たり、双方向的なウェブセミナーへのアクセス、仕事に関するフィードバックの依頼、協力関係の構築をしませんか。


    DIA Communityサイトへ

    DIA Membership Learning Icon スキルの向上・能力開発


    DIA Membership Road Icon リーダーシップの発揮


    • プロフェッショナルなリーダーシップを発揮できる100以上の機会の1つでボランティアをすることで、より大きなヘルスケア界に貢献できます。
    • ご自身の仕事や研究について論文を執筆・投稿し、論文審査のある学術誌で発表できます。
    • 示唆に富む講演やプレゼンテーションを通じて専門知識を発表できます。

Why Be a DIA Member?

  • Connect with global influencers and uncover ways to deliver impactful change.
  • Access new knowledge that keeps you on the cutting-edge of healthcare conversations.
  • Open doors to new pathways towards leadership growth.
  • Expand your network to include global peers who support one another in real-time
  • Access to discounted rates for all DIA’s global events and learning products.

Together We Can:

Member Learning Academy

Member Learning Academy

Free Professional Development courses available exclusively to DIA members. Online training to learn new skills and earn continuing education credits.

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Go-to resource library for DIA’s knowledge assets including Global Forum, TIRS, Podcast, and Webinars

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DIA Communities


Member Only Online Forums discussing global and local challenges facing the life sciences field in an increasingly more complex and interconnected world

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Career Center

Career Center

Comprehensive, career advancing tools which includes a job board, resume writing tools, and coaching targeted to help members find their ideal job.

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DIA Learning

Exclusive Rates: Learning

DIA has learning to meet your needs with an extensive global learning portfolio of over 100 courses offered at beginner to advanced skill levels.

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GAM 2022 Call for Content Hubs

Exclusive Rates: Meetings

The world of healthcare is constantly changing. DIA events will help you stay on top of those changes.

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Innovate Through Collaboration

Do you need to make a compelling case to you manager for joining DIA? The following points showcase what you and your employer will gain when you access DIA's global community.

Interact with Industry Leaders

Participating as a DIA Community member raises your visibility (and the visibility of your organization) to a global audience representing the best and brightest minds working at the intersection of science, healthcare, and regulation.

Engage with a Multidisciplinary Global Network

DIA unites global professionals from academic research, patient groups, regulatory, R&D and clinical development, medical affairs, commercialization, health technology assessment, payer organizations, and more. Engaging with these change-makers puts you and your organization at the forefront of today’s issues and leading the path into tomorrow’s.

Access Professional Development

DIA's learning curriculum blends instructor-led and online learning programs to deliver best-in-class career development education. DIA members can access this comprehensive portfolio of training courses and conferences from anywhere in the world at exclusive discounted member rates.

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