Murray M. Lumpkin,

Deputy Director, Integrated Delivery, and Lead for Global Regulatory Systems Initiatives
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Dr. Murray M. Lumpkin currently works with partners (WHO, regulatory regionalization initiatives, and NRAs) to make more efficient and effective (without sacrificing product safety, efficacy, or quality) the regulatory processes through which global health products must pass to be developed, legally marketed, and overseen appropriately after marketing authorization in low- and middle-income countries.

Prior to joining the Gates Foundation, Dr. Lumpkin served at the FDA for 24 years. He started his career as Director of the Division of Anti-Infective Drug Products in the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER). He then became Deputy CDER Center Director for Review Management, primarily responsible for oversight and management of the Offices of Drug Evaluation and their new drug review divisions, along with the offices that oversaw post-marketing surveillance and epidemiology and the advisory committee office. For 10 years at FDA, he was the Deputy Commissioner for International Programs, during which time the FDA established its foreign offices and concluded most of the bilateral arrangements it has with counterpart agencies. During his final two years at FDA, he served as Senior Advisor to the Commissioner on Global Issues.

Dr. Lumpkin was one of the initial members of FDA’s representation to the International Conference on Harmonization, and served for nine years as FDA’s representative to the World Health Organization’s Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences working groups on drug safety.

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