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DIA is Proud to Announce the DIA Europe 2022 Keynote Speaker

Medicine - An Exercise of the Imagination

Our DIA Europe 2022 Keynote speaker, Dr Junaid Bajwa, Chief Medical Scientist at Microsoft Research, will be discussing the convergence of health and technology, and the emerging possibilities of how this could drive precision health (globally). Within this, considering how the practice of medicine could become transformed through the application of trusted, reliable, and human-centred AI.

Meet Junaid in Brussels Face-to-Face on Tuesday 29 March at 10am CEST, Gold Hall.

Dr Junaid Bajwa

Dr Junaid Bajwa, Chief Medical Scientist at Microsoft Research

Junaid is the Chief Medical Scientist at Microsoft Research and a practising physician in the UK’s National Health Service. Junaid has worked across primary care, secondary care, and public health settings in addition to acting as a payer, and policymaker within the UK, where he specialised in informatics, digital transformation, and leadership. He has consulted for health care systems across the US, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Singapore, and Europe. Academically, he is a Clinical Associate Professor at UCL (University College London), and Visiting Scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Junaid's specific background and wealth of experience will be particularly relevant in attempting to answer a set of very complex questions. Join this session to explore:

  • The social determinants of health
  • Dataverse(s)
  • The importance of collaboration around the needs of the patients and the public we serve

Keynote Preview Paper

In this paper published in July 2021, Junaid Bajwa, Usman Munir, Aditya Nori and Bryan Williams summarise recent breakthroughs in the application of AI in healthcare, describe a roadmap to building effective AI systems and discuss the possible future direction of AI augmented healthcare systems.

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