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Precision Medicines and Diagnostics

The paradigm of ‘The right treatment to the right patient at the right time’ offers the promise of more effective and better tolerated treatments at higher cost-effectiveness, making it attractive for patients as well as society at large. However, the shift from product to solution focus requires fundamental changes to clinical trial design, data capture and analysis, regulation and evaluation. What will it take us to truly leverage the promise of PM for our patients and societies?

Pharma focuses on innovative precision agents with novel companion diagnostics, but there are many other ways precision medicine could improve patient outcomes. For instance, other treatment modalities can be made more “precise” (precision surgery, radiotherapy), existing drugs can be used in better ways or better treatment decisions made where patients have multiple competing options. This track wants to see great examples of these more clinically led innovations.

Who is This Track Designed For?

Any stakeholder involved in or affected by the Precision Medicine concept.

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Topic Leaders

Bettina Ryll

Bettina Ryll

Chair ESMO Patient Advocates Working Group (PAWG)

Melanoma Patients, Sweden

Piers Mahon

Piers Mahon

Senior Principal and European Leader

Oncology Evidence Networks, IQVIA, United Kingdom

DIA Europe 2022 Highlights

It will provide updates on key developments on the GCP Renovation (ICH E6, ICH E8), Clinical Trial Regulation, the Clinical Trial Information System, data submission, transparency, navigating ethical approval, study design in the digital age, innovative clinical trial designs (umbrella and platform trials, patient centricity), digital tools in development and other hot topics. It should be a must-attend for optimising development programmes and identifying cost savings through efficiency and innovation.

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