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Speakers Corner

Welcome to Speakers Corner! This is where you will find up-to-date information pertaining to your participation as a Session Chair, Speaker and/or Panelist at DIA Europe 2022. Thank you again for agreeing to participate in this exciting conference and DIA is looking forward to a successful event with the aid of your contribution!

Prepare for the Conference

  • Resources

    • Here you will find the DIA Presentation template for this conference to be used by non-regulatory agency speakers with presentations.
  • Attend the Readiness Webinar – LIVE

    Date/Time To be Announced

    Topics for this speaker orientation webinar include planning great sessions, logistics Q&A, DIA audience information, DIA learning and session formats and important dates.

Important Steps for Session Chairs, Speakers and Panelists

  • January – February

    • Session Chairs to meet and prep with Speakers/Panelists
    • Check the programme agenda to verify you appear correctly
    • Speakers begin preparing your presentation (if applicable to your session and role)
    • Session Chairs, Speakers and Panelists complete their Participant Agreement, Profile and Disclosure Authorization
    • Session Chairs review drafts of presentations from Speakers (if applicable)
    • Program Participant Readiness Webinar
  • March

    • 15 March: Final deadline to upload presentations
    • 16-19 March: Review of presentations by DIA staff and on-site technicians. Follow-up with speakers as necessary
    • 29-31 March: DIA Europe 2022, SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre

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