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Short Course Call for Abstract Guidelines

DIA wants to hear from you! We are accepting abstracts for short courses to be offered in advance of the DIA 2023 Global Annual Meeting during our DIA 2023 Call for Short Course Abstracts.

Short Courses are “hands-on”, interactive learning experiences for a group of 25-50, designed to enhance knowledge in both broad and specific areas and to improve the day-to-day job function of participants. DIA encourages abstracts that showcase future trends; offer unique ideas; share interesting case studies; foster diversity, equity, and inclusion; and accelerate innovation. Our Track Chairs have highlighted priority topics within their educational tracks to provide direction on content they would like to receive. You may submit abstracts addressing priority topics and/or topics relevant to the DIA 2023 track descriptions. Both priority topics and track-specific topics will be reviewed and considered by DIA.

Short Course Call for Abstracts

  • Opens: September 6
  • Closes: October 6

General Submission Requirements

Please read the following instructions carefully; incorrect or incomplete abstracts will not be considered

  1. All abstracts must be submitted online. The deadline for abstract submissions is Thursday, October 6, 11:59PM ET. This deadline will not be extended.
  2. Submitted abstracts must not overtly endorse or recommend a specific product or service. Please review DIA’s Policy Concerning Promotion of Products and Services from the Podium at DIA-sponsored Programs
  3. Proposed abstract title must reflect the abstract content accurately and concisely.
  4. Please note: Co-instructors may not be from the same company.
  5. In the description of your abstract, please indicate if your proposed short course is planned as a half-day or full-day offering.
    • A half-day short course consists of three hours and 15 minutes of instruction, and will have a lead instructor and no more than one co-instructor
    • A full-day short course consists of six hours and 30 minutes of instruction, and the short course will have a lead instructor and no more than two co-instructors

Notification Date

Submitters will be notified of the status of each abstract no later than the week ending January 20, 2023.

Please note that DIA and the 2023 Annual Meeting Program Committee have the right to request authors to revise abstracts. Potential revisions include direction of topic or revising the proposed level of difficulty.