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Hotel Information & Booking

DIA Hotel rates expire June 9th!

DIA will not be able to assist you with negotiating a hotel rate after this date.

Why Choose an Official DIA Hotel?

We recognize that attendees have many options and encourage you to understand the importance of selecting an official DIA hotel.

DIA must contract a minimum number of hotel rooms to obtain the necessary amount of meeting and exhibit space at the Convention Center. If the contractual obligation is not met, DIA will incur significant financial penalties and have difficulty obtaining sufficient meeting space in the future. Conference costs — even attendee and exhibitor fees — could increase. When we are able to maintain a consistent history of hotel rooms sold, we are better positioned to negotiate the lowest hotel rates possible for future DIA meetings.

View List of DIA Hotels and Amenities and Map of DIA Hotels:

DIA 2023 Hotel List

DIA 2023 Hotel Map

Book Your Stay at an Official DIA Hotel and Enjoy These Benefits:

Save Money

  • Lowest Rate Guaranteed with automatic rate adjustment on your reservation!
  • DIA hotels offer exclusive amenities such as free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast buffet, discounts on hotel food outlets, free use of the hotel fitness center, and more!


  • DIA leverage to assist with any problem or inconvenience you may encounter at a DIA hotel.
  • Fast, easy, and secure online booking.
  • Instant confirmation and excellent reservation management.

Best Networking

  • Engage and share experiences with life sciences professionals from around the world outside the session room. Whether you're enjoying your morning coffee or having dinner, the networking opportunities are unlimited when you stay at a DIA Hotel!

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Note: Only the data required to complete your reservation will be transferred to onPeak’s reservation system in order to prepopulate forms as a convenience to you. The data will then be transferred to your selected hotel when onPeak transfers DIA’s reservation data to the hotels.



onPeak is DIA’s official housing provider. Should you find any other website that appears to be DIA Housing, or if you are contacted by any other agency that refers to the DIA 2022 Global Annual Meeting and claims to offer lower rates, we urge you to use extreme caution and contact with their information.

These companies often create phony websites that look authentic, but are not authorized to represent DIA, nor do they have access to officially contracted DIA hotels or rates in Boston. Unfortunately, customers who book through these websites often arrive at their destination only to find that their existing reservation was cancelled by the agency at the last minute, leaving them without a room and liable for a steep cancellation fee.

Please Note: DIA will not be able to assist you with any problems or reservations booked outside of onPeak. Please ensure that any “DIA Housing” website you find is branded with the onPeak logo. Reservations made through one of these agencies will be at your own risk, and DIA will not take responsibility for lost deposits, reservation relocation, or accuracy in type of room reserved.

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