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DIA Policy Concerning Promotion of Products and Services from the Podium at DIA-Sponsored Programs

(Updated January 20, 2015)

DIA encourages the exchange of knowledge and supports the dissemination of information pertaining to the full spectrum of medical product development. DIA does this by providing its members a neutral forum for education and discussion opportunities. Preservation of the neutrality of this forum, fostering collaborative efforts among stakeholders such as academia, contract research organizations, governmental agencies, industry, practitioners, patients, and vendors, is essential to the success of DIA. DIA draws a clear distinction between the dissemination of information and outright commercial promotion.

At DIA-sponsored activities, presentations by persons affiliated with organizations, or institutions that provide services or products must be limited to scientific, technical, or process issues. Presentations should not overtly endorse or recommend a specific product or service. The theme and content of slides, handouts, and other presentation aids should not promote a commercial product or service. DIA designated presentation templates will be provided to its presenters. For-profit organizations or industry logos are no longer permitted to be included in slide presentations, per ACCME Standards for Commercial Support. In addition, speaker clothing may not carry logos or other company specific emblems. In this way, DIA activities will be educational, rather than commercial and promotional.

DIA will create and disseminate publicity pertinent to a DIA-sponsored activity. All such publicity will be distributed directly from the DIA Office or its designee. Individuals and organizations can, at their option, make announcements of their participation in DIA-sponsored activities, but should refrain from doing so until confirmation of participation has been received from DIA. Any advertising of participation in a DIA-sponsored activity by an individual or an organization shall not use any copyrighted material from DIA or the DIA trademark unless authorization from DIA has been received.

DIA Membership is encouraged to provide feedback regarding potential violations of this policy. A DIA staff-led investigation utilizing program evaluations and other related tools will be used and appropriate action will be taken if necessary.

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