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Creating a Patient-Focused Culture


Continuous improvement of the healthcare eco-system depends on its responsiveness to environmental needs, expectations, and desires of all its stakeholders. The most critical stakeholders are patients, their families and care partners, demanding a more meaningful role than paternalistic systems have included. Patients are experts in their lived experience with preventing or having illnesses, getting to their diagnoses, therapies, and how all of these intersect with their lives and communities. Organizations discovering, developing, approving, and paying for new therapies, to be more patient centered, must do so deliberately or risk becoming irrelevant. Foundational to that sustained organizational change is culture. This module provides an overview, strategy, and resources to help shift culture to enable necessary change and subsequent action.

This module takes an average of 3.50 hours to complete.

This module is part of the DIA Patient Engagement eLearning Program and a component of the Patient Engagement Certificate Program.

Featured topics

  • Why Is Patient-Focused Culture Important
  • Determining Current Practices and Attitudes about Patient Focus
  • Fundamentals of Organizational Culture
  • Approaches to Influencing Cultural Change to Encourage Patient-Focused Behaviors
  • How can Culture be Influenced or Changed
  • Strategies for Embedding Patient Centricity in the Culture

Who should attend?

This module is designed for, but not limited to, professionals involved in:

  • Medical Affairs
  • Research and Clinical Development
  • Patient Advocacy/Patient Engagement
  • Patient Assistant Programs
  • Legal/Compliance
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Safety/Pharmacovigilance
  • Corporate Affairs/Government Affairs
  • Digital Health/Digital Medicine

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this module, learners should be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of patient-focused culture
  • Describe approaches to determine current practices and attitudes about patient focus from leadership and key functional areas within the organization
  • Recognize approaches to influencing sustainable cultural change within organizations with an overarching goal of patient-centeredness
  • Identify critical stakeholders within and outside of your organization to affect culture change
  • Describe the purpose of patient-centered culture in terms that are relevant to the work of diverse internal stakeholders
  • Identify change management strategies toward culture change
  • Discuss approaches to influencing sustainable cultural change within the organization to encourage patient-focused behaviors
  • Identify strategies for making patient-focused culture change sustainable

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