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Patient Engagement Certificate Program

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How the Program Works

Patient Engagement Certificate Program

There is an ever-expanding area of collaboration that is occurring among patients, patient organizations, industry, regulators, and governmental organizations to ensure that new drugs developed represent value to the patients they aim to treat, that patient access to innovations is accelerated, and that patient experience and outcomes are optimal.

Integrating the patient experience from the early stages of drug discovery and development through approval and post-marketing is now an accepted norm. However, for many companies, understanding why this is important as well as convincing leadership to invest in these activities can be confusing and elusive. DIA’s Patient Engagement Certificate Program provides the fundamentals about why and how to incorporate patient focus and build organization-wide capabilities.

This comprehensive training program is based on the DIA Patient Engagement Competency Framework developed with experts working in the field. These competencies outline the functional knowledge and skills needed to incorporate meaningful patient engagement throughout the product lifecycle and embed patient focus into the culture of an organization. The certificate program enables employers to prepare and support their teams in achieving the core competencies they need to build confidence and strengthen their work with patients and patient partners.

The DIA Patient Engagement Certificate Program is designed to provide the foundational knowledge and considerations needed to implement a successful patient engagement program. The program is designed for industry professionals working in, or new to, the medical product development process.

Participants will earn digital credentials as they continue along the Learning Path, which is composed of 6 modules and a comprehensive certificate exam, ultimately culminating in the granting of the DIA Patient Engagement Certificate represented by the digital credential. Enrollment in the Patient Engagement Certificate Program is free. Participants pay registration fees for the online courses and the comprehensive exam to complete the program. Enroll in the Certificate Program today and begin tracking your progress towards completion and earning your digital credentials!

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