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Program Committee

  • Maria  Anillo
    Maria Anillo Regulatory Affairs Project Manager
    AstraZeneca Canada Inc., Canada
  • Marcia  Bailey, BSN, MHS, RN
    Marcia Bailey, BSN, MHS, RN Safety Evaluation and Risk Management Scientific Director
    GSK, Canada
  • Marilyne  Chamoun, MSc
    Marilyne Chamoun, MSc Senior Scientific Evaluator, Marketed Pharmaceuticals Bureau
    Health Canada, Canada
  • Mandy  Collier
    Mandy Collier Director, Health Products and Food Branch
    Health Canada, Canada
  • Lucye  Galand, DVM, MBA, MSc
    Lucye Galand, DVM, MBA, MSc Acting Director, BGIVD, Therapeutic Products Directorate, HPFB
    Health Canada, Canada
  • Lorella  Garofalo, PhD
    Lorella Garofalo, PhD Head of Regulatory Sciences
    Pfizer Canada, Canada
  • Agnes  Jankowicz, MS
    Agnes Jankowicz, MS Vice President, Pharmacovigilance
    Veristat, Canada
  • Oxana  Iliach, PhD
    Oxana Iliach, PhD Senior Director Regulatory Strategy
    Certara, Canada
  • Yatika  Kohli, PhD, MBA
    Yatika Kohli, PhD, MBA Chief Regulatory and Strategy Officer
    NoNO Inc, Canada
  • Judith  Mergl, MSc
    Judith Mergl, MSc Director, Regulatory Affairs and Operational Services
    AbbVie Corporation, Canada
  • Myriam  Salem, MSc
    Myriam Salem, MSc Senior Corporate Regulatory and Enforcement Advisor
    Health Canada, Canada
  • Marcia  Sam
    Marcia Sam Regulatory Affairs Strategy and Policy Manager
    Hoffmann-La Roche Canada Limited, Canada
  • Vanessa  Zapata
    Vanessa Zapata Associate Director, Regional Pharmacovigilance Officer
    Merck Canada Inc., Canada
  • Representative Invited
    Representative Invited DIA, United States
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