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Canada Annual Meeting

The Canada Annual Meeting now includes a track for Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Strategies!

Highlights & Features

What is happening at Canadian Annual Meeting

Track Listing

Regulatory: Gain a clearer understanding of Canada’s regulatory landscape through our regulatory track. You’ll hear about Health Canada’s modernization initiatives with complementary perspectives from industry on the regulatory review of drugs and devices (R2D2), real-world data and real-world evidence, and an overview of Health Canada’s “Agile Licensing for Drugs and Medical Devices”.

Clinical: Today, modern biopharmaceutical and device products are advancing at an unprecedented speed. Sessions in this track will focus on clinical research development and operations for industry. Those interested in this track will gain an understanding of Health Canada’s approach to the modernization of clinical trial regulations and gain further perspectives from patients and those in the biopharmaceutical industry. Take your level of understanding a step further and explore our sessions on clinical trial design and conduct to better understand the potential to transform the way we conduct clinical research. Our attendees in this track will be able to advance their knowledge the importance of the transparency of clinical trial information and obtain real-world insights into the benefits and challenges of incorporating real-world data and real-world evidence into a whole range of decisions about clinical trials.

Pharmacovigilance: As a new edition to our programming this year, our pharmacovigilance track will provide a comprehensive overview of Canada’s regulatory environment in the field of clinical safety and pharmacovigilance for biopharmaceutical products and medical devices. Our pharmacovigilance track will include an overview of key considerations for successful risk minimization, good pharmacovigilance practices (GVP) inspections, the impact of Vanessa’s Law, and the use of artificial intelligence in pharmacovigilance.