Product innovators and patients working together to improve the health of the patient is the first step toward patient engagement. When end users are involved in the development, testing and implementation of new solutions, better patient outcomes can be achieved. DIA provides a community, training, and opportunities to learn about and share best practices can help industry professionals and patients work together to create strong and sustainable solutions.

Leveraging Patient Preference Information in Medical Device Clinical Trial Design

Patient Engagement Community

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DIA PEC is a learning community for fostering collaboration between those who represent the patient and those who work to integrate patient needs into the process of medicines development, approval and commercialization.

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Patient Engagement Certificate

The DIA Patient Engagement Certificate Program is designed to provide the foundational knowledge and considerations needed to implement a successful patient engagement program. The program is designed for industry professionals working in, or new to, the medical product development process.

Patient Engagement Certificate

Patient Engagement eLearning Program

This comprehensive training program is based on the DIA Patient Engagement Competency Framework developed with experts working in the field. These competencies outline the functional knowledge and skills needed to incorporate meaningful patient engagement throughout the product lifecycle and embed patient focus into the culture of an organization.

Patient Engagement eLearning Program
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