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DIA Europe 2023 Designated as a "Patients Included" Event!

We’re proud to announce that the DIA Europe 2023 is designated as a "Patients Included" meeting!

This ‘Patients Included’ accreditation means that DIA is committed to incorporating the experience of patients as experts in living with their condition. It ensures they are both included and actively engaged.

The Patients Included status is self-assessed and based on meeting all five of the charter’s clauses. For more information on what that means, visit the Patients Included website.

  • Details

    • Speakers at the DIA Europe 2023 include patient representatives.
    • The programme agenda has been designed to incorporate the patient perspective, not only within the Patient Science sub-topic, but also throughout all tracks in those sessions where a patient perspective adds value.
    • Patients and their partners with experience or interest in measuring how their involvement helps impact medical product development, also feature as speakers, panellists, and discussants throughout the programme.
    • The Patient Partners speaker initiative helps the Programme Committee and session developers finding the most appropriate patient/patient partner as speakers.
  • Included with your Registration

    All relevant sessions, breakouts, ancillary meetings, and other programme elements are open to patient delegates.

    • The hashtag #DIAEurope2023 will be actively promoted on social media platforms prior to and during the event. This will allow both participants and those unable to attend the event to join the conversation and discuss presentations and key takeaways.
    • DIA will post speaker presentations on the DIA website prior to the conference and for six months following the conference. These will be available for viewing and downloading by attendees.

For questions, please contact us!

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