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DIA's members come together to collaborate and problem-solve, discussing global and local challenges facing the life sciences field in an increasingly more complex and interconnected world. DIA's goal, and our members' hope, is for this collaboration to result in better policies, regulations, science, research and development, and ultimately better patient outcomes worldwide.
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DIA 使命

DIA 通过以下方式促进创新,改善全球的健康和福祉:

  • 提供极其有用的论坛,让参与者有机会交流重要信息,讨论与健康产品、科技和服务相关的时事;
  • 提供定制的学习体验;
  • 与推动和奉行 DIA 价值观和使命的个人及组织建立、保持和促进信任关系;及
  • 提供多学科的中立环境,以诚信和相关性在全球得到尊重。

DIA 愿景

DIA 是您的重要合作伙伴,与您一同促进知识的创新和分享,从而加速医疗保健产品的研发。


A History of Accomplishment

DIA | DIA History Timeline

Starting with the controversy over the drug Thalidomide, DIA’s founders - a group of 30 pharmaceutical professionals, medical writers, and academics - came together to create a platform for necessary global communication and collaboration to solve a healthcare threat to unborn children worldwide.

Today, professionals from 80 countries continue to engage with DIA through our unparalleled membership network, educational offerings, and professional development opportunities.

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