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P115: “The Power of Particles”: A New Online Portal to Showcase the Benefits of Nanomedicines

Poster Presenter

      John B. Hertig

      • Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
      • Butler University
        United States


Launched in September 2021, “The Power of Particles” (PoP; https://www.powerofparticles.com) is an online educational platform. The aim of PoP is to bring together leaders and experts in nanomedicines to create content that will drive awareness of the science behind this class of medicines


Although sponsored by Vifor Pharma, PoP is non-promotional and is not intended to communicate the benefits of any individual medicine. Under the guidance of an independent faculty of experts in nanomedicine, PoP is monthly enriched with news, articles, interviews, video animations, and infographics


For the year 2022, a content development/execution plan and a structured social media campaign are already in place. The aim is to reach multiple stakeholders, such as physicians, pharmacists, policy makers, and the broader public, to raise the profile of nanomedicines and the innovative solutions they offer in different fields of medicine. To evaluate the success of the above-mentioned strategy, key website performance parameters (such as number of visitors, number of subscribers, bounce rate, and average time on page) will be constantly monitored. A major analysis of PoP web metrics will be performed in June 2022. The results of this analysis will provide precious indications which will help the editorial board of PoP to improve the quality of the published contents and to fine tune the media campaign


The field of nanomedicine is in continuous expansion and evolution. Fast changes in nanomedicine applications, language and regulatory aspects require dynamic and harmonized educational programmes in this field. However, such educational programmes are still missing. We believe that PoP will significantly contribute to the education of the interested stakeholders about nanomedicines, as well as the challenges linked to their production and characterization. Furthermore, with the publication of tailored contents focused on basic principles of nanotechnology, PoP aims to increase the knowledge of the general public about the potential of nanomedicines to deliver unprecedented diagnostic and therapeutic benefits to patients