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DIA is Proud to Announce the DIA Europe 2020 Keynote Speaker

Scientific progress is not only changing the nature of life sciences sector but also the nature of competition, both within Europe and between Europe and other parts of the world.

Our DIA Europe 2020 Keynote Address will focus on Europe’s competitiveness, looking at its core challenges, its strongest achievements, and its greatest advantages. Looking at the space where science, the biopharmaceutical industry, and patient-driven innovation intersect, Dr. Joep Muijrers, a scientist-turned-investor, will share his perspective on the current state of Europe’s pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device and diagnostic sectors.

Joep Muijrers, Chief Financial Officer, PureTech Health

Dr. Muijrers serves as Chief Financial Officer for PureTech Health in Boston. Through a unique business model, PureTech has pioneered new areas within healthcare to generate innovative treatments for devastating diseases. Before joining PureTech Health, he spent eleven years as Portfolio Manager at Life Sciences Partners, a Transatlantic investor group exclusively focused on the healthcare and life science sector. Throughout his career, Dr. Muijrers has helped several companies become leaders in the biopharma industry, and recently led investments in many successful biotech companies, supporting the emergence of innovative therapies such as CAR-T cell therapies.

His experience gives him an excellent insight into what makes a healthcare ecosystem competitive, and why this ultimately matters to everyone when considering European competitiveness in the global stage. In recent years, he notes, the level of private investment in the overall healthcare ecosystem has dwarfed the R&D budgets of even the largest pharmaceutical companies. Meanwhile, the role of patients as participants in the development and as recipients of therapeutic innovation, has grown exponentially. Their needs and preferences should be a core driver of R&D; how true is this for the EU sector? And how does it compare to other regions?

The focus of DIA Europe 2020 on Europe in the Fast Lane will examine the need for and real impact of multi-stakeholder interaction in the healthcare ecosystem. How can efforts in the region be combined and compounded to stimulate higher levels of innovation, attractiveness and development speed without sacrificing science or ethics or losing sight of patients in need? Indeed, are we already achieving this today?

Joep’s specific background and wealth of experience will be particularly relevant in attempting to answer a set of very complex questions. Join this session to explore:

  • What is shared value in healthcare?
  • Which therapy areas and technologies are currently attracting attention?
  • Which areas in Europe hold an advantage and how can we leverage this?
  • How can we ensure European innovation benefits Europe and has a global impact?
  • How quickly can innovation reach patients in the real world?

Keynote Preview Podcast

We sat down with Joep to record a Keynote Preview Podcast, in which he shares his perspective on the current state of Europe's pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device and diagnostic sectors.

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