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Discover the Austria Center

DIA Europe 2018 - Join Us

We look forward to welcoming YOU to DIA Europe in Vienna, not only a huge city of music, culture and history, but also a "hub" of the life sciences that reaches far into Eastern Europe.

This year, the event will take place at the Austria Center.

Surrounded by contemporary architecture, just 7 minutes from the city centre and a few minutes’ walk from the Danube and the Donaupark, Austria Center Vienna is Austria’s largest conference center.

Did you know? Vienna is among the top 3 destinations for international congresses and conventions and has been the worlds' number one destination for 9 years in a row (2005 - 2014).

DIA Europe Vienna Austria Center

About Vienna

  • green & safe
  • compact & walkable
  • high quality of life
  • breathtakingly imperial & refreshingly young

Anything but Average

  • Growing biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical device community with a dynamic start-up scene
  • A population of 1.8 million, including 570,000 residents from 198 different countries.
  • Over 7,400 bars and restaurants with more than 2,500 outdoor seating areas.

Fast and Efficient

  • At most, Vienna is a three-hour flight away from all European capital cities.
  • Just 20 minutes by taxi and 16 minutes by City Airport Train from the airport to the city centre.
  • Efficient and safe public transportation system
  • 1,500 city bikes

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