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Track 4: Patient Engagement

DIA 2017: Driving Insights to Action! 

With 15 sessions specific to Patient Engagement, DIA 2017 accommodates all stakeholders in a new phase of the patient engagement journey. This is an extremely important topic, and we are coming to a better understanding of what constitutes meaningful patient engagement in each stage of the product life cycle. This track focuses attention on the next questions for all stakeholders including:

  • How do we truly engage patients? 
  • How do we operationalize patient-centric approaches in our day-to-day work?
  • How can we measure the effectiveness of our efforts, both for patient outcomes and to meet the needs of other stakeholders such as industry and regulatory decision-makers?
  • What have earlier adopters learned that can be used to drive more meaningful patient engagement? 
  • How do stakeholders best work together to leverage their collective power and expertise?
  • What do patient and other stakeholders want from patient engagement in the medical product life cycle?

Highlights in Patient Engagement

  • The who, what, when, where, how, and why of patient engagement 
  • Patient-focused medical development learnings to date
  • Measuring the effectiveness and return on engagement of patient-centric initiatives
  • Building collaborative, multi-stakeholder communities
  • Coalition building to guide promising therapies through regulatory and developent hurdles
  • Virtual and traditional communities
  • Digital patient engagement – new approaches and impact on effectiveness
  • The “science of patient input” twin sessions: regulatory perspectives and emerging tools
  • The voice of the child in medical product development, and assuring that all voices are heard
  • Data sharing in 2017 and beyond – global perspectives
  • Featured Topics in Patient Centricity, Pediatrics, Clinical Operations, and Career Development

DIA recommends this track and associated sessions to professionals involved in: Patient Affairs, Patient Advocacy, Patient Groups, Patient Support Services, Medical Affairs (including CMOs and MSLs), Clinical Trial Design and Optimization, Clinical Research and Operations, Regulatory Affairs, Regulatory Agency, Corporate and Government Affairs, and Safety and Pharmacovigilance.

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Sessions in Patient Engagement

Monday, June 19

Tuesday, June 20

Wednesday, June 21

Thursday, June 22

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