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DIA DIRECT: COVID-19: Diagnostic Testing Now and in the Future

Part of our series of DIA DIRECT: COVID-19 Webinars!


Brought to you with the support of DIA Knowledge Brigade.

This on demand webinar recording is approximately 1 hour long.

This webinar will focus on the availability of quick, reliable, and widespread diagnostic testing–a critical component of the global response to COVID-19. Join us to explore the importance of testing as well as the issues, policies, and strategies that allow us to scale up testing to meet testing demands nationally and globally, to manage the current pandemic as well as future outbreaks. Topics of discussion include:

  • Importance of testing in the global response to the pandemic
  • Available tests and their effectiveness, ease of use, and overall availability Special regulatory approval pathways
  • Introducing flexibilities in the diagnostic supply chain
  • Greater use of reliance mechanisms to improve access
  • Collaboration between health systems and national/global health authorities

DIA DIRECT: COVID-19 Webinar Series

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Continuing Education Credits are not offered for this event.

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