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DIA DIRECT: COVID-19: Diagnostic Testing Now and in the Future

Part of our series of DIA DIRECT: COVID-19 Webinars!


  • Judith  Ng-Cashin, MD

    Judith Ng-Cashin, MD

    • Chief Medical Officer
    • Eagle Pharmaceuticals, United States

    Judith Ng-Cashin, MD, previously served as Chief Medical Officer at AOBiome Therapeutics, leading end-to-end asset development strategy and medical governance. She also served as Chief Scientific Officer and led the Safety & Pharmacovigilance business unit for Syneos Health. Before Syneos, she spent nearly a decade in R&D for a top five pharmaceutical company spanning early assets to marketed products, global development, and franchise/portfolio strategy/prioritization. Dr. Ng-Cashin earned her MD from Rush Medical College, trained in Internal Medicine at the University of Chicago, and received infectious diseases and hematology fellowship training (and subsequently served on the clinical faculty) at the University of North Carolina.

  • Caifu  Chen

    Caifu Chen

    • Chief Technology Officer, IVD
    • 3D Medicines, Inc., Singapore

  • Richeal  Cline

    Richeal Cline

    • Global Head Quality and Regulatory
    • Roche Diagnostics, United States

  • Yukari  Manabe

    Yukari Manabe

    • Associate Director of Global Health Research and Innovation
    • Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health, United States

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