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This is the only QPPV Forum designed for QPPVs by QPPVs, now in its 12th year and still going strong. This Forum continues to identify key trends requiring QPPV awareness, input and oversight. This year’s objectives, as shown below, build on past successes and have been shaped by valuable feedback provided by participants of the past eleven meetings, plus many years of QPPV and Regulator interaction at this Forum.

Over time, one of the key successes of the Forum has been the ability to secure continuing support and involvement of key regulators. Sessions have been open and interactive with attendees appreciating opportunities to raise challenging issues in an informal environment. This 12th QPPV Forum continues this successful approach.


What you will learn

  • Hear the latest updates and hot topics relating to the role of the QPPV
  • Explore long term PV visions, future directions of the ‘PV world’, and potential impact on the role of QPPV
  • Network with colleagues and meet regulators
  • Learn from and share experience and ideas with like-minded QPPVs in a neutral environment
  • Take away practical hints and tips
  • Better understand regulatory and inspectorate expectations of the QPPV
  • Identify the expanded expectations of the role in the context of the continually evolving regulatory framework
  • Examine current areas of real challenge

Program Committee

  • Elspeth  McIntosh
    Elspeth McIntosh Director
    Castle Pharmacovigilance Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Margaret Anne Walters
    Margaret Anne Walters Deputy EU Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance
    Merck, Sharp & Dohme Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Vicki  Edwards, RPh
    Vicki Edwards, RPh Vice President, Pharmacovigilance Excellence and QPPV
    AbbVie, Inc., United Kingdom
  • Doris Irene Stenver, MD, MPA
    Doris Irene Stenver, MD, MPA Chief Medical Officer
    Danish Medicines Agency, Denmark
  • Brian  Edwards, DrMed
    Brian Edwards, DrMed Principal Consultant, Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety, Vice-President ACRES
    NDA Group, United Kingdom
  • Michael  Richardson, MD, FFPM
    Michael Richardson, MD, FFPM International GPV&E and EU QPPV
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, United Kingdom
  • Winrich  Rauschning, DrMed, MD, MBA
    Winrich Rauschning, DrMed, MD, MBA QPPV
    Biolitec Pharma, Germany
  • Barbara  De Bernardi, MD
    Barbara De Bernardi, MD Deputy EU QPPV and European Safety Office Head
    Pfizer Italia S.r.l., Italy
  • Peter  De Veene, MD
    Peter De Veene, MD Head Global Drug Safety & QPPV
    Grunenthal Gmbh, Germany
  • Angela  Van Der Salm, DrSc, PhD
    Angela Van Der Salm, DrSc, PhD Managing partner
    DADA Consultancy B.V., Netherlands
  • Magnus  Ysander, MD
    Magnus Ysander, MD EU QPPV & Head Pharmacovigilance Excellence
    AstraZeneca AB, Sweden
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