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Professional Development

DIA offers two types of professional development at the Global Annual Meeting.

Short Courses are designed to enhance your knowledge in a broad or specific area for your day-to-day job function. Many of the courses offered are modeled off of and modified from a full DIA training. Short Courses are an additional fee to the meeting registration cost.

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Professional Development opportunities are available to enable attendees to learn skills needed to expand their network, initiate challenging conversations, solve problems at work, and more! Professional Development sessions are part of the meeting registration fee.

  • Sunday, June 18

    To Change or Not to Change, That is the Career Question: Knowing When it’s Time to Move On (Not, Run From)

    Hear from industry leaders on how and when they knew it was time to make a career change and how to prepare for the move. Learn techniques you can use to assess a negative performance review, being passed over for a promotion, and how to avoid an emotionally-based (and regretful) decision.

    Learn ways to turn negative career experiences into a positive springboard forward and gain personal insights on what it takes to make a change!

    Networking Within Your Company

    Recognize the importance of networking within your company as a part of career management! Even if your job rarely requires you to interact outside your company, you still need to know how to network, both internally and externally. Different types of networking will be explained, as well as an understanding of the proper way to execute. There will be discussion of personality types and how that impacts networking. There will also be a portion of the workshop dedicated to practicing your new networking skills!

    Leadership: How to Organize and Lead People in a Work Group

    The role of a leader in organizing and leading a group is often misunderstood and, as a consequence, the group may not perform up to expectations, or it may spend a considerable amount of time dealing with dysfunctional group dynamics instead of the work to be accomplished. This short course explores the different types of work groups, how they can be more effective, and how individuals can correct group dynamics and achieve higher levels of performance.

    Influencing Culture, Avoiding Bureaucracy, and Encouraging Innovation

    Understanding and influencing workplace culture and its impact on employee results can be difficult. Culture can either disrupt people’s ability to focus on the work, or it can reinforce and support clarity of focus, but culture is created by those working, not dictated by managers. This course is designed to help you better understand what culture, bureaucracy, and innovation really are, and the impact they can have on actual business results — in concrete, clear terms.

    DIA Drug Development and Life Sciences Career Fair

    During this public event, you will have the opportunity to mingle with leading employers in the clinical and product development space who will be showcasing their career opportunities available within their organizations. This is your rare chance to connect with CRO, biotech, and pharma companies  all in one venue. Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, the DIA Career Fair is the premier event to discover your next career move.

    Private interviews by invitation-only will be arranged by employers exhibiting at the fair for Tuesday, June 20.