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We would like to invite you to become a member of the DIA Knowledge Brigade, an elite group of individuals, organizations, and corporations banding together to help support DIA in tackling the most critical issues facing healthcare today, while building a roadmap for the solutions of tomorrow. Just like a “bucket brigade” of yore, DIA’s Knowledge Brigade harnesses the collective strength of its members to help DIA in solving health’s most burning problems. The DIA Knowledge Brigade is a core funder of DIA’s ground-breaking webinar series on COVID, for example, and will support further webinars, podcasts, and articles on additional public-interest health topics through the year.

The DIA Knowledge Brigade is a team effort, aimed at improving health globally, and your participation will have tremendous leverage and impact. As part of the DIA Knowledge Brigade, you will get logo acknowledgement for Knowledge Brigade-related activities such as webinars, articles, and podcasts, which receive more than 500,000 impressions annually.

As a neutral, trusted, 501(c)(3) non-profit membership association, DIA has been a key source of learning and knowledge sharing since its founding in 1964. For more than a half century DIA has helped tackle the thorniest challenges facing global healthcare product development and continues to play a critical role in catalyzing conversations among key stakeholders to improve health worldwide.

Our problem-solving approach is multi-dimensional: We bring together a wide variety of voices from across the healthcare product development continuum – patients, industry, academia, regulators, payers, and more – on a suite of critical issues ranging from therapeutic development and pharmacovigilance to the impact of big data and machine learning. Our scope is multi-regional: With a presence in more than 80 countries worldwide, we are a truly global organization that approaches problem-solving through collaboration with experts from all parts of the world. And our community is inclusive, striving to bring in a suite of broad, diverse perspectives and foster new opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

Over the decades, the results of these many gatherings have been tremendous, resulting in multiple collaborations, knowledge sharing and, in the digital era, dissemination of crucial information worldwide via webinars, podcasts, and articles. However, in these trying times we need to do more, and we need your help to broaden our reach and have an even greater impact on health outcomes globally.

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