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Track 11: Statistics

DIA 2017: Driving Insights to Action

This track will focus on topics of practical and theoretical statistical interest for professionals who work with medical products, including pharmaceuticals, biologics and biosimilars, combination products and devices, and generics throughout their lifecycle. Sessions will explore topics related to current statistical thinking which inform policy, regulation, development, review, and lifecycle management of medical products in the context of the current scientific and regulatory environments.  A new aspect of the track is data science, a multidimensional area with the two major dimensions of curation and analysis.  This track is focused on the analysis dimension, including analytics and predictive analytics.

Sessions in Statistics

Monday, June 28

Tuesday, June 29

Wednesday, June 30

Thursday, July 1

Who is This Track Designed For?

DIA recommends this track for: Biostatisticians, data scientists (analytics), statistical programmers, clinical pharmacologists, health economists, epidemiologists, regulatory scientists, physicians, project leaders, and other clinical development practitioners.

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