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About DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting

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Registered attendees may access DIA 2021 via the My Account Access Virtual Conference link. Read Access Instructions.

SESSION EVALUATIONS NOW AVAILABLE! Visit DIAglobal.org/DIA2021evals to access daily session evaluations and for a chance to win a DIA 2022 registration.

For more than 50 years, DIA has provided the world’s largest global, neutral stage for life science professionals to come together and address healthcare challenges. Driven by purpose and focused on the future of health, the stakeholders who gather at our Global Annual Meeting advance science and technology for public health impact – today, and for generations to come.

When the world moves quickly…

When knowledge is built in silos, in corners of organizations, in different languages…

When competition is part of our field…

We are the people who have impact, because we know we must. DIA and the life sciences community have a profound impact on people’s lives, delivering cures, therapies, discoveries, and breakthroughs. Our purposeful, meaningful work drives healthcare and improves patient lives—and that happens when we connect.

DIA has long stood for collaboration—trusted, neutral, knowledge-exchange that results in better regulation and innovation for patients and the global community at large. With one foot hovering over a new era of challenge and uncertainty, the other is firmly planted in key tenets that remain unchanged—

  • That patients are our story
  • That we seek to understand
  • That collaboration is the skill we hone
  • That this collaboration must cross organizations, decades, languages, and boundaries to have true global impact

We invite you to be part of the Collaboration Without Boundaries that shapes the industry. Fueled by the ideas of thousands of attendees, the DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting will bring together patients, industry, regulators, and academia from all points in the product lifecycle from more than 50 countries. Our meeting is the intersection of science, healthcare, and regulation, with no boundaries—an intersection that provides the catalyst for thoughtful dialogue and debate.

In a world where challenges know no boundaries, DIA 2021 is the connection.

From more than a dozen educational tracks, multiple ways to learn, continuing education opportunities, and a world-class exhibit hall, by joining us you’ll take on a key role in building the framework of the future—making connections, gaining skills and insights, and advancing science to improve global health.

The DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting pushes beyond walls, beyond borders. It’s Collaboration Without Boundaries and we’re fiercely proud of it.

Won’t you join us?

Need justification as to why you should attend this year's largest life sciences meeting globally? Download and fill out our Justification letter to demonstrate to your supervisor why this is a must-attend event.

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