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Value & Access

Sustainability of Global health care systems

The aim of the research was to publish a road map or a set of recommendations towards making the system more sustainable and develop country archetypes that allows implementation of the recommendations at country level. Three aspects were studied in conjunction:

  • Patient and cross-stakeholder alignment. Identify outcomes of interest and elements of value across different stakeholder groups (e.g. alleviating symptoms for patients, achieving savings for payers, etc.) to enable the alignment of payments and outcomes across different interventions.
  • Data and infrastructure. Analyse the existing data collection tools and infrastructure, with recommending improvements and potential future models for setting up adequate systems to enable optimization of outcomes.
  • Payment models. Building a framework for future models for agreement negotiations of innovative therapies in conditions of uncertainty at the time of decision. Explore and propose novel solutions to adjust better frameworks for future non-conventional therapies using new payment strategies, and unifying them with theoretical advances such as evolved managed entry agreements in pharmaceutical reimbursement like capitation and outcomes- and value-based pricing.

Think Tank- Global Health and Low- and Middle-Income Countries

There is a need to act and unify appropriate stakeholders on a shared strategy to improve access to health screenings, early detection, as well as medicines, and other health technologies. The think tank aims to create a neutral forum for open conversation and discussion, ultimately resulting in the creation of decision frameworks, regulatory and funding processes, and integrated digital tools that enable tailored and affordable access. The Think Tank had a kick-off meeting in November 2022. For meeting highlights and the next steps, please refer to DIA Global Forum.

Figure 4. Phase 1 highlights: Most common uses of AI across Drug Development functions

To learn more about DIA’s Research or Think Tanks, please contact

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