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Institutionalizing Innovation

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Despite the recognition that appropriate diversity in clinical trials is an imperative, the development of guidance from regulatory authorities, and the emergence of several efforts that illuminate the gaps, there is still a significant dearth of practical resources to guide the implementation of best practice.

To understand the challenges, organizational barriers, desirable and undesirable effects (UDEs), DIA is convening a series of workshops under the Think Tank umbrella. The goal of the Think Tank is to create an action plan for implementation of appropriate representation and equity in clinical trials and research. The goal will be achieved in three phases:

Institutionalizing Innovation

How might our ecosystem achieve alignment on non-urgent indications that could benefit from approaches that led to success in responding to the pandemic?

The goals of this think tank are to convene a global consortium, achieve alignment on other indications that could benefit from approaches that led to success in the development of vaccines and therapies for COVID-19, to develop recommendations for an enhanced risk-based regulatory framework. Developing in collaboration with DIA members to generate:

Institutionalizing Innovation