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DIA Convenes Stakeholders at the Crossroads of Healthcare

DIA, (founded as the Drug Information Association), announced George Savage, MD, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Proteus Digital Health as the keynote speaker at the DIA Europe Annual Meeting. Dr. Savage will bring his experience with Proteus’ ingestible sensor platform as a case study to the presentation: A Digital Revolution at the Crossroads of Healthcare. He will be joined by the DIA Europe Annual Meeting Steering Committee to examine multiple perspectives on the future of digital technology.

This year's annual meeting theme, "Join Us at the Crossroads of Healthcare", emphasizes the multi-stakeholder, outcome-driven dialogue that occurs at the DIA Europe Annual Meeting. With over 60 sessions across nine challenging topics, the programme ensures that industry, payers, patients and regulators all have an equal voice in the dialogue focused on advancing health and well-being.

DIAmond sessions, where panels of thought leaders discuss global, interdisciplinary, cutting-edge topics about the future of healthcare, remain a flagship feature of this year’s meeting. The popular European Regulatory Town Hall returns with an insightful panel of senior regulatory leaders to discuss the recent developments and future direction of the EU Regulatory Network. The new addition of the Payer Town Hall explores the possibility of Fair Pricing by turning the process upside down. The panel addresses the questions: Can society decide the price for the products, treatments, and healthcare they want to access? If so, can manufacturers deliver these products at a price the healthcare system is willing and able to afford?

New to the programme are DIAlogue sessions, such as, The New EMA First-in-Human (FIH) Guidelines. This collaborative session will review case studies, and ultimately aim to generate an aligned understanding of implementation steps for these critically important guidelines. The 2018 programme is shaping up to deliver the most productive conversations to date across: regulatory science, patient engagement, translational medicines, data management, pharmacovigilance, and more.

"Every year, I come back from our Europe Annual Meeting inspired by the conversations and debates,” shares Barbara Lopez Kunz, Global Chief Executive of DIA. "I'm energized by the open dialogue and the willingness to tackle challenging questions and take difficult issues forward in treatment development. Most of all I'm motivated by the unified goal we’re all working towards of driving outcomes to improve the lives of patients."