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DIA Webinar To Discuss How Technology and Collaboration Can Reinvent the Clinical Trial

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DIA and Cytel will co-host a complimentary webinar "Need to Reinvent the Clinical Trial? Innovate, Collaborate and Integrate” on November 20 from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. EDT.

Many sponsor organizations are wrestling with how to improve the monitoring process with technology in an industry still fresh from the shackles of traditional paper-based data handling. Our webinar will reveal the technology used by savvy life science companies to monitor the clinical trials process using risk-based monitoring.

Development strategy experts Laurie Halloran and Irving Dark will explore the rising use of newer statistical methods in remote monitoring in combination with centralized patient databases and new technologies for real-time monitoring, and for site and patient compliance assurance.

Laurie and Irving will also address bridging the gap between sponsors and clinical research vendors and how best to conduct clinical trials that provide the most reliable information necessary to determine which elements of risk-based monitoring are vital for success, and which may not be necessary.

By conclusion, webinar participants will be familiar with new approaches in clinical development and monitoring of clinical trials, while gaining a fundamental understanding of specific risk-based monitoring techniques.

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