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Data & Data Standards While the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have a long history of being data-driven, the last decade has seen exponential growth in data generation and the ability to integrate data by harnessing the power of advanced analytics. Coupled with data and technological advances, the industry’s ability to maximize the utility of this information depends on the harmonization of data across multiple diverse sources and the advancement of quantitative methodologies for analysis and interpretation. DIA's global professional network works to transform clinical, regulatory, and patient data into actionable information through the appropriate integration, analysis, reporting, and sharing according to aligned data quality standards.

DIA Research: Advancing the Uses of AI in Biopharmaceutical Development

DIA AI Study

Phase 1:A Study on the Application and Use of Artificial Intelligence to Support Drug Development

Phase 2: Currently launching! Artificial Intelligence for Adverse Events Prediction

DIA is developing a use case that aims to help further the adoption and implementation of AI in adverse event identification and signal detection. If you are interested in becoming part of the study or learning more, please contact

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Submit an Abstract

DIA Abstract

Submit an abstract for an existing or future event on any topic that advances the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and related fields.

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Beyond Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) – Building Better Data Ingestion Models for Patients Online Course

DCTs involve an ecosystem of tools, people, and processes - allowing patients, sites, and sponsors to participate, contribute, and monitor any clinical trial. Successfully executing DCTs often requires multiple disparate solutions integrated across the clinical continuum in order to properly communicate. But what if patients, sites, and sponsors could participate and monitor clinical trials without the integration hassles? Join to hear our experts discuss how to deliver DCTs so everyone wins.

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Harnessing the Power of Structured Content in Life Sciences: Practicalities, Challenges, and Opportunities in the Evolving Technology Landscape Online Course

As the Regulatory and Clinical Operations industry progresses toward digitalization, the idea of “Structured Content Authoring” or “Structured Component Management” is once again gaining traction as a tool to increase efficiency and quality of day-to-day operations. Although this is not a new concept, technological advancement and a move towards data-centric processes make this a reality.

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