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Partners & Press

EuroMeeting Partners & Press

By establishing collaborative relationships with a variety of partner organisations across key stakeholder areas and media groups, we aim to bring you the most diverse and interdisciplinary focused breadth of information and contacts.

Press & Media Guidelines


  • Advanced Registration: is open to all accredited members of the press and is required for freelance journalists, college publications, and online publications.
  • Onsite Registration: is limited and open only to reporters and editors working full-time for print, online or broadcast news organisations with valid press credentials. Freelance journalists and college publications may not register as press onsite at the conference, but charged the applicable registration rate.
  • Marketing, public relations and sales professionals may not register as press.

Credentials Required:

  • A bylined article published by your employing news outlet within the past six months 
  • A copy of news outlet masthead listing your primary role as an editor or reporter 
  • Copy of official reporter/editor photo credential issued by news outlet or government