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About our Offerings: Learning Formats

The DIA 2020 Global Annual Meeting brings together thousands of innovators from around the globe to discuss updates in the ever-changing field of life sciences.

DIA 2020

Providing education and creating an environment for learning is something that we take personally, which is why we offer an array of learning formats to diversify and customize your experience in an effort to maximize your time at DIA 2020. From observing conversations that count to diving into problem-solving mode, we have your learning styles covered.

  • Preconference Short Courses

    Arriving in Washington, DC, early? Maximize your time by taking a deep dive into your area of interest while networking with like-minded thought leaders.

    The day before DIA 2020 convenes, we will offer a full slate of half- and full-day short courses. Short course topics span the drug development continuum, including data visualization, machine learning, combination products, regulatory strategy, qTC modeling, and more. Register for two half-day or one full-day short course and receive $100 off* your registration to the main meeting! 

    *Purchases must be made at the same time in order to receive the discount.

  • DIAmond Sessions

    Thought-provoking, worldwide issues deconstructed by acclaimed panelists representing multiple stakeholders from around the world in this growing ecosystem of life sciences.

    DIAmonds represent rare opportunities to listen to and engage with a variety of key stakeholders participating in open conversations on controversial topics such as: diversity in clinical trials, international regulatory convergence, value and access, patient engagement, radical technologies, personalized medicine, real world evidence, an FDA forum, and EMA/FDA question time.

  • Concurrent Educational Sessions

    Traditional sessions dedicated to the “how to”, “so what”, “what’s new”, and specific innovations needed to keep up on your day-to-day.

    Running from 60-75 minutes, we anticipate having more than 250 sessions spanning 13 educational tracks. Stop in any of our classrooms, lectures, or workshops to review data, work flow, scaling, and so much more. These are traditional sessions designed to take you through methodology, the latest trends, hot issues, and in some cases, to provide foundational information.

  • Engage and Exchange

    Are you most inspired when you have a chance to collaborate with others?

    Several times a day, we'll have 45-60 minute opportunities for you to stop, engage with other attendees, and exchange ideas and questions while working together to solve a problem! Engage and Exchange is all about peer-to-peer to learning. Experts will begin with a 5-10 minute presentation, followed by 30 minutes of dedicated small group discussion (breakout groups), and concludes with 20 minutes of sharing and open discussion.

    Seating within the “active learning zone” is limited to 50 attendees with additional seating available within the two “observation decks."

  • The Content Hub

    Have 30 minutes? Join in on a conversation and come away with new perspectives!

    This non-traditional learning/networking hybrid is specifically designed for small groups to connect face-to-face with others that share the same interests. The 2020 meeting schedule will highlight a series of 30-minute facilitated conversations. Interact with community leaders and have one-on-one discussions to gain rapid insight in a subject of value.

    Abstracts for leading a Content Hub session may be submitted through February 20. Only DIA Community Members may submit a Content Hub abstract. Learn more about our Communities here.

  • Soapbox Sessions

    A 30-minute journey that will give you an “ah-hah!” moment you won’t be able to stop talking about.

    These sessions are modeled after a concept dating back to the 19th Century when soapboxes became improvised platforms used by a self-appointed, spontaneous, or informal speechmakers to provide an outlet for delivering opinions.

  • Innovation Theater

    Round out your on-site experience by taking in new products and services.

    Several of our exhibitors will be stepping away from their booths to showcase their products and services in their own 45-minute Innovation Theaters located in the Exhibit Hall.

  • Poster Sessions

    Walk through a gallery of visually stimulating science and new best practice recommendations.

    The poster area is an opportunity for you to view methodology (“how to”), case study, and research from a diverse group of scientific professionals who are actively involved in the discovery, development, and lifecycle management of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and healthcare-related products.

  • Community Round Tables

    This is an opportunity for DIA Community members to host round table discussions inspired by sessions from within the DIA 2020 program. This allows DIA Community members to continue the dialogue and develop connections at a reserved space after a session has ended. Learn more about our Communities here.

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