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Engage and Exchange FAQs

This is a reference guide to DIA’s policies and expectations related to your DIA 2019 Engage and Exchange session. Any questions related to the Engage and Exchange session may be directed to Brittany Ceriani at

What is an Engage and Exchange session?

  • Engage and Exchange sessions are 45-60 minutes to an audience of no more than 50 people, with content focused on case studies and solving real-world problems in a collaborative environment.
  • It will take place in a dynamic workspace within the Exhibit Hall, during exhibit hours.
  • Facilitators will be responsible for encouraging participants to recall and analyze information, share their personal experiences, draw conclusions, and/or practice new skills. The focus of an Engage and Exchange session is to have the attendees work together, and the role of the presenter(s) is to facilitate these discussions with less emphasis on a didactic presentation.
  • Facilitators will begin with a 5-10 minute presentation that is followed by 25-30 minutes of dedicated small group discussion (breakout groups) and concludes with 15-20 minutes of sharing and open discussion (depending on the assigned timeslot, 45-60 minutes, determined by DIA).
  • Facilitators must adhere to DIA guidelines (see Program Development Guidelines and DIA Policy Concerning Promotion of Products and Services from the Podium at DIA-Sponsored Programs), as well as to manage the Engage and Exchange session.
  • Engage and Exchange sessions may have up to two (2) facilitators
  • A Handout(s) are permitted for interactivity. A final version of the handout(s) must be submitted to DIA by Tuesday, May 7.

How do I develop an Engage and Exchange Session?

  • Provide a brief overview of the topic. Is this about a case study, a problem that needs a solution, or sharing best practices for real world application?
  • Determine what type of interactivity will be used for breakout groups (e.g., each group would address a specific question or particular topic, with the groups coming together after 25-30 minutes to share their conclusion[s]).
  • Prepare questions to stimulate discussion or to hand out to separate groups.
  • Brittany Ceriani, a DIA Meeting Operations Coordinator, will be providing accepted sessions with assistance in the development of their Engage and Exchange.

How do I manage an Engage and Exchange Session?

  • Keep opening brief e.g. 5-10 minutes and in that time sufficiently frame the topic and the expectation for the session (i.e., what type of conclusion or solution are they seeking?).
  • Within your timeframe, we encourage 25-30 minutes for interactivity (peer-to-peer group work) and the final sharing of results within the last 15-20 minutes of the session.

What shall I expect onsite?

  • There may be internet connectivity. If internet connectivity is integral to the session activity, please notify DIA.
  • The Engage and Exchange space is set with round tables for a maximum of 50 attendees. Additionally, there will be four whiteboards set around the space to help promote discussion and information sharing.
  • The session will be interactive; it will not be audio recorded.
  • There will be no sign-in or pre-registration, and attendance will be on a first-come, first-served basis. The Engage and Exchange session space will have a maximum capacity of 50 in the interactive space and a maximum of 25 in the observation area. This space cannot be expanded due to the space limitations.
  • The Engage and Exchange space will have:
    • 1 Laptop
    • 1 LCD projector
    • 1 Wireless lavaliere
    • 2 handheld microphones for Q&A
    • A podium
    • 5 round tables set with 10 seats each
    • 4 whiteboards for the participants

Important Dates to Remember

  • Week of March 15 – Facilitator confirmation complete and Engage and Exchange session description finalized
  • May 7 – Handout(s) to be uploaded to the EP@C system or sent to
  • June 14 – PowerPoint presentation to be uploaded to the EP@C system

What are the expectations for Handouts and PowerPoint Presentations?

  • Handouts are materials used for onsite interactive exercises or post-event take away information for the attendees.
  • Ensure that copyright permission has been obtained as needed.*
  • Handouts are to be uploaded to the EP@C website or sent to by May 7. They will be accessible pre-meeting to registered attendees.
  • All presentations and handouts must be fair, balanced and free of commercial bias. Materials must not be commercial or promotional.
  • No Logos. No logos may be used on any PowerPoint presentation or handout. Facilitator clothing may not carry logos or other company-specific emblems.


  • In an effort to ensure that DIA is fully compliant with copyright, we ask that you review all of your materials that may need copyright permission. Copyright permission is needed for any articles, documents, or graphs that have been published, or taken from the internet. Material taken from the internet may need website/support information to be cited. As you prepare your materials (PowerPoint, graphs, articles, supplemental items) for your presentation, please make note of any items that come from published sources, and provide DIA with the source/reference. Copyright permission is a very important issue, and DIA takes this very seriously. We appreciate you taking the time to review your materials.

Printing of Handouts

  • For handouts that are uploaded by Tuesday, May 7, DIA will make appropriate copies and coordinate their availability in your session.
  • If handouts are not provided by the designated deadline, the facilitator must bring a maximum of 60 copies to the Convention Center. Please note that onsite printing is not available. Also, do not ship any items directly to the Convention Center.

PowerPoint Presentation

  • PowerPoint Presentations that will be used during the Engage and Exchange must be uploaded to the EP@C system by Friday, June 14. The DIA template is to be used for all PPT presentations, and the template is available in late April.

Any questions related to the Engage and Exchange session may be directed to Brittany Ceriani at

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