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Unleashing the Power of Clinical Trial Data


This on demand webinar will take approximately 1 hour to complete

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Data leaders and transparency leaders in the pharma industry are increasingly embracing a digital shift in which clinical trial data is reused for new benefits, including future trial design.? As the industry tackles the cost of R&D and strives for innovation, bringing new life to clinical trial data is increasingly relevant.? As data are reused for new benefits beyond a single trial, cultural, policy and privacy challenges must be addressed alongside technological advancements in making data findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR).


Join us to explore how the industry is shifting and learn what it could mean for your data strategy. Special emphasis will be placed on how Novartis is transforming medicine with 2 million patient-years of data.

Featured topics

Featured Topics:

  • The complexity of reapplying data collected in clinical trials, and the opportunities to drive new insights by enhancing their accessibility
  • How privacy and data anonymization with speed, scale, and precision underpin safe data reuse
  • Learnings shared at the 2021 MIT CDOIQ Symposium keynote from Gabriel Eichler, VP of Data for the Novartis data42 program, on what high-performing data leaders and organizations have learned about data transformation.

Learning objectives

During this webinar presentation, attendees will learn:

  • How clinical data can be safely reused for new benefits, including to accelerate drug R&D
  • How to break down data silos organizationally, culturally, and technically
  • How to build innovation networks and safely share data amongst innovation partners – further accelerating and enhancing the impact of digital innovations

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