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A unique opportunity to engage in the sharing of good practices between industry representatives and seek the advice you need from regulators.

DIA has a long history of working closely with Industry and Regulators to bring topics and speakers together with broad audiences in order to create stimulating and relevant discussion.

Join the DIA Pharmacovigilance Strategy Workshop to discuss the current landscape and join intense and well-lead discussion that may help you to progress your knowledge and practices.

The workshop format is designed to stimulate dialogue and generate solutions through a series of interactive sessions and workshops conducted in an informal setting allowing for in-depth discussion in smaller groups.

On the 5th Anniversary, the committee and DIA team has put together an agenda with cutting-edge topics which will instigate to open dialogue around:

  • Current regional and global regulatory landscape;
  • The pharmacovigilance impact and strategy for vaccines, biologics and therapeutics;
  • Utilization of Digital Health and what implementation means for safety in the clinical and post-market space;
  • Sharing experience around additional Risk Minimisation
  • (Remote) Inspections: lessons learnt.

NEW in 2021: DIA Pharmacovigilance Hackathon

Forming teams around a hot topic in pharmacovigilance and using a facilitated design-thinking framework to identify concrete next steps and possibly answers to these important questions. Each team will be pre-formed as a multi-stakeholder unit, in order to promote an impartial dicsussion. Participants will benefit from each other's different backgrounds as a strong driver for lateral thinking and creative problem-solving with some of the brightest minds in the life sciences field.


  • The Future of Pharmacovigilance: What to Keep/Change?

More information on the registration to be divulged soon.

Learning Objectives

  • Seek direct answers to the business challenges you are facing every day
  • Understand how other organisations are managing through the shift of sharing all information to sharing relevant information
  • Understand the regulators expectations for signal assessment, risk management planning, and risk communication
  • Ensure that your pharmacovigilance work matches up with inspector expectations and delivers the efficient outcomes for patients.

Featured topics

  • Pharmacovigilance Guidelines and Regulations Updates (EU, non-EU, Global)
  • Pharmacovigilance Changes in the UK
  • Harmonisation of Additional Risk Minimization Measures and Pharmacovigilance Activities
  • Impact of Digital Health and How it is Managed. What Medical Device Regulation Means For Pharmacovigilance
  • Sharing experience around additional Risk Minimisation;
  • (Remote) Inspections: lessons learnt.

Who should attend?

Established professionals who are seeking to increase their network of like-minded colleagues; share their thoughts and practices with others; learn the most current regulatory views and gain practical knowledge in key areas in pharmacovigilance, including:

  • Signal management
  • Data Privacy
  • Risk Management Planning
  • PSMF maintenance
  • Clinical Trials

Professionals involved in:

  • Drug Safety/Pharmacovigilance
  • Risk Management, including Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS)
  • Benefit-risk assessment and communication
  • Medical Product Safety Assessment
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Clinical Trials
  • Pharmaceuticals, biologics, combination products, devices
  • Clinical Research and Clinical Research Organizations
  • Health Outcomes
  • Academic Research Centers
  • Regulatory Agencies

Program Committee

  • Francoise  Sillan, MD
    Francoise Sillan, MD VP GPS TA ENDO-ONCO & EU QPPV
    Ipsen, France
  • Wendy  Huisman, PharmD
    Wendy Huisman, PharmD Director
    Vigifit, Netherlands
  • Shahin  Kauser
    Shahin Kauser Leading Senior Scientific Assessor
    MHRA, United Kingdom
  • Maarten  Lagendijk, MSc
    Maarten Lagendijk, MSc Deputy EU QPPV
    MSD, Netherlands
  • Bianca  Mulder, PharmD, MPharm, MSc
    Bianca Mulder, PharmD, MPharm, MSc Pharmacovigilance Assessor
    Medicines Evaluation Board, Netherlands
  • Giovanna  Rizzetto
    Giovanna Rizzetto Senior Manager, Regulatory, Drug development and Manufacturing
    EFPIA, Belgium
  • Willemijn  van der Spuij, MSc
    Willemijn van der Spuij, MSc Executive Director, WorldWide Patient Safety International, Europe
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Switzerland
  • James  Whitehead, MSc
    James Whitehead, MSc Patient Safety Medical Device Lead
    Astrazeneca, United Kingdom
  • Elena  Popa, MPharm
    Elena Popa, MPharm Regulatory Policy & Intelligence Lead
    Bayer AG, Switzerland
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