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Organized by DIA and CoRE

In the current landscape of rapid advances in medical sciences and technology, many opportunities abound for improving the quality and delivery of healthcare. New technology, systems and concepts are constantly explored to bring better health outcomes for patients.

Beyond innovations in health products, IT continue to advance the changes with increasing utility of data sciences and Artificial Intelligence in transforming healthcare management. Given the complex interactions among the stakeholders, it is vital to be well-informed of the significant progresses and collaboration with relevant stakeholders to fully harness the value of this exciting evolution in healthcare.

Download the Preliminary Agenda to Explore Discussions on:
  • eLabeling as a Tool for Enhancing Patient Care
  • Disruptive Technology - Innovating Clinical Trials
  • Personalized Healthcare - Pivotal Role for Next Generation Sequencing
  • 3D Printing for Personalized Medical Devices
  • Relating Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Regulations
  • Inclusivity - The Importance of the Patient Perspective

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Who should attend?

  • Industry professionals involved in Pharmaceuticals & Medical Technolgies involved in Research & Development, Regulatory Affairs and Market Access and Medical Affairs
  • Regulators and personnel from Health Authorities and Ministries
  • Academia and Researchers

Program Committee

  • Dorothee  Grimald, PharmD
    Dorothee Grimald, PharmD Director, Global Regulatory Policy
    MSD Singapore, Singapore
  • James  Leong, PhD, MPharm
    James Leong, PhD, MPharm Head of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science Programme
    Duke NUS, Singapore
  • Audrey  Ooi Joo Ann
    Audrey Ooi Joo Ann Acting Head of Business Development
    Clinical Research Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Finny   Liu, MSc, RPh
    Finny Liu, MSc, RPh APAC Regional Regulatory Policy Lead
    Roche Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Jack  Wong
    Jack Wong Associate Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, APAC-MEA
    Allergan Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore
  • Mei  Ding
    Mei Ding JAPAC Regional Lead, Policy & Intelligence
    Abbvie Pte. Ltd., Singapore
  • Thean Soo  Lo
    Thean Soo Lo Director, Asia Pacific Regulatory Policy Lead, Global Regulatory Affairs
    Janssen-Cilag J&J Asia Pacific, Singapore
  • Yasha  Huang
    Yasha Huang Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed)
    Director - Regulatory Affairs, China
  • Shun  Jin, MBA
    Shun Jin, MBA Head, Regulatory Affairs, APMA
    Sandoz Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Pte., Ltd., Singapore
  • Fredrik  Nyberg
    Fredrik Nyberg Managing Director, Asia Pacific
    MedTech Innovator, Singapore
  • Jing Ping  Yeo, PhD
    Jing Ping Yeo, PhD Director, Research Integrity, Compliance and Ethics
    Singhealth, Singapore
  • Kum Cheun  Wong, PharmD
    Kum Cheun Wong, PharmD Head Asia Pacific Regulatory & Development Policy
    Novartis Asia Pacific Pharmaceuticals Pte. Ltd., Singapore
  • Vicky (Fengyun)  Han
    Vicky (Fengyun) Han Senior Director, Asia Pacific Regulatory Policy Group Lead, Asia Pacific
    Johnson & Johnson Pte. Ltd., Singapore
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