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Brexit will have a considerable impact on the regulation and supply of medicines to patients. With the time frame for Brexit fast elapsing, governments, regulators, companies, healthcare systems and patients are all seeking to prepare for the “known unknowns” and to brace for the “unknown unknowns”. However, information is scarce and not always accessible or confirmed.

This conference will bring stakeholders together to share insights and planning for operational and strategic measures being taken to prevent or minimize impacts to the development, manufacturing, regulation and supply of medicines for Europe. With the clock ticking, stakeholders will consider explicitly in this conference the dimension of time in shaping what opportunities for action companies – and indeed all stakeholders - must consider. 

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Who should attend?

  • Regulatory and drug development professionals from Health Authorities, Academia and Industry
  • Patient groups and medical research charities
  • Any stakeholder interested in the impact of Brexit

Learning objectives

  • To update participants on current developments, operational and strategical challenges impacting drug development, licensing and supply to patients
  • To exchange practical experiences with regulatory authorities, industry and other stakeholders in preparing for Brexit
  • To provide a shared understanding of the timing for changes that will drive many of the final impacts of Brexit

Program Committee

  • Steve  Bates
    Steve Bates Chief Executive Officer
    BioIndustry Association, United Kingdom
  • Elizabeth  Kuiper, MA
    Elizabeth Kuiper, MA Executive Director, Public Affairs
    European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), Belgium
  • Alan  Morrison, PhD
    Alan Morrison, PhD Vice President Regulatory Affairs Intl
    Merck Sharp & Dohme, United Kingdom
  • Aimad  Torqui
    Aimad Torqui Executive Director Global Regulatory Policy
    MSD, Netherlands
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