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This workshop will be conducted in Japanese Language only.

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Program Committee

  • Rei  Maeda
    Rei Maeda Sr. Regulatory Scientist, Surveillance&Epidemiology, Global Patient Safety Japan
    Eli Lilly Japan K.K., Japan
  • Fumiyo  Aoki
    Fumiyo Aoki Senior Specialist, Pharmacovigilance Operation Team, Pharmacovigilance, Medical
    AbbVie GK, Japan
  • Hiroya  Asou, MD, PhD, MBA
    Hiroya Asou, MD, PhD, MBA Senior Medical Advisor, Global Patient Safety Japan
    Eli Lilly Japan K.K., Japan
  • Kasumi  Daidoji, PhD, RPh
    Kasumi Daidoji, PhD, RPh Associate Director, Corporate Medical Affairs Headquarters
    Eisai Co., Ltd., Japan
  • Kazuhiko  Ishida, MSc, RPh
    Kazuhiko Ishida, MSc, RPh Associate Director, Pharmacovigilance
    Astellas Pharma Inc., Japan
  • Rie  Matsui, RPh
    Rie Matsui, RPh Director, Regional Labeling Head for Asia, International Labeling Group
    Pfizer Japan Inc., Japan
  • Kou  Miyakawa
    Kou Miyakawa Director
    Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, Japan
  • Hiroyuki  Murakami
    Hiroyuki Murakami Duputy Review Director, Office of New Drug I
    Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), Japan
  • Mitsuo  Saito, PhD
    Mitsuo Saito, PhD Director
    Institute For Health Vigilance, Japan
  • Junko  Sato, PhD
    Junko Sato, PhD Office Director, Office of International Cooperation
    Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), Japan
  • Tomoko  Yamada
    Tomoko Yamada Pharmacovigilance Ds-Oncology
    MSD K.K., Japan
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