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Combination Products 2016: Current, Evolving, and Future Pathways

October 24: Short Course (PM)*
October 25-26: Conference
Short Course: Digital Health Technologies for Combination Products and Beyond: Development and Regulation 

*Short Courses require registration and are an additional fee

The increasing use of and interest in innovative combination products – products combining a drug, device, and/or biologic – is raising significant challenges both for regulators and the industries they regulate. To bring these promising new therapies to market, innovators must often overcome challenges resulting from differences in policies, development processes, and review pathways. Combination Products: Current, Evolving, and Future Pathways examines policy and regulation of combination products and their impact on the life cycle of these products. The conference will also examine recent organizational developments and review process improvements at FDA that are aimed at addressing the unique regulatory needs of combination products. Possible new paradigms for developing drugs and devices together will be explored, and the evolving potential of convergence across FDA’s centers, as piloted by the Oncology Center of Excellence, will be discussed as a model for innovation and how it may relate to combination product regulation.
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Featured topics

  • Regulatory and legislative updates (US and EU)
  • Organizational and review process developments at FDA
  • Addressing challenges of the different review paradigms and pathways for drugs, biologics, and devices
  • FDA Oncology Center of Excellence: Implications for Intercenter Coordination
  • Digital Health Technologies: Software mobile medical apps and clinical decision support
  • Policies for medical product innovation and what they mean for combination products

Who should attend?

Senior Level Professionals and Decision-Makers involved in:

  • Biopharmaceutical, device, and combination product R&D and development
  • Policy 
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Clinical Research
  • Consulting, Legal, and Government Affairs
  • Quality assurance and control
  • CMC
  • Business Development

Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this conference, participants should be able to:

  • Describe legislative and regulatory developments pertaining to combination products in the US and EU
  • Understand and discuss differing perspectives and approaches of drug and device development and regulation, and implications and opportunities for combination product regulatory practice and policy
  • Discuss developments and opportunities for facilitating innovations in medical product development through collaborative regulatory approaches such as the FDA Oncology Center of Excellence

Program Committee

  • Steven B. Binion
    Steven B. Binion Director, Policy, Technology, and Communication - Corporate Regulatory Affairs
    Becton Dickinson, United States
  • David E. Paul, JD
    David E. Paul, JD Consultant, US Regulatory Affairs, Policy and Strategy
    Eli Lilly and Company, United States
  • Kim  Quaintance-Lunn
    Kim Quaintance-Lunn
    Bayer U.S. LLC, United States
  • Rachel  Turow, JD, MPH
    Rachel Turow, JD, MPH Associate General Counsel, Regulatory Law & Policy; Head, U.S. Regulatory Policy
    Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., United States
  • John Barlow Weiner, JD
    John Barlow Weiner, JD Associate Director for Policy, Office of Combination Products, OCPP, OC
    FDA, United States
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