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Program Committee

  • Jim  Zisek
    Jim Zisek Director, Global CMC Regulatory Affairs
    GlaxoSmithKline, United States
  • Robert T. Dorsam, PhD
    Robert T. Dorsam, PhD Pharmacology/Toxicology Team Leader, Office of Generic Drugs, CDER
    FDA, United States
  • Daniel  Capaldi, PhD
    Daniel Capaldi, PhD Vice President, Analytical and Process Development
    Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., United States
  • Arthur A. Levin, PhD
    Arthur A. Levin, PhD Executive Vice President, Research and Development
    Avidity Biosciences , United States
  • Jan Kevin Losos, PhD
    Jan Kevin Losos, PhD Director, Safety Assessment Projects
    GlaxoSmithKline, United States
  • Saraswathy  V. Nochur
    Saraswathy V. Nochur Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & QA
    Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc., United States
  • Ramesh  Raghavachari, PhD
    Ramesh Raghavachari, PhD Chief, Branch I, DPMA1, OLDP, OPQ,CDER
    FDA, United States
  • David H. Schubert
    David H. Schubert Vice President of Regulatory and Quality
    Stealth BioTherapeutics, United States
  • Pengfei  Song, PhD
    Pengfei Song, PhD Senior Clinical Phamacology Reviewer in Oncology, CDER
    FDA, United States
  • James  Wild, PhD
    James Wild, PhD Pharmacologist, CDER
    FDA, United States
  • Rosanne  Seguin, PhD
    Rosanne Seguin, PhD
    McGill University, Canada
  • Scott  Henry, PhD
    Scott Henry, PhD Vice President, Nonclinical Development
    Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., United States
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