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Tokyo Big Sight

Nov 15, 2015 9:30 AM - Nov 17, 2015 5:45 PM

3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0063 Japan

12th Annual Meeting DIA Japan 2015

The registrants will have access to presentation PDFs through Tuesday, May 17, 2016.


Online Registration has been closed. Onsite Registration will be available at Tokyo Big Sight.

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Ensuring of a “Healthy Life Span” for the public is a growth strategy for the Japanese government, and actions for further vitalization of medical-related industries have begun. The “Headquarters for Healthcare Policy” and “Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED)” were established as centers of research and development, and the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law was amended to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act (PMD Act). Research and development of drugs and medical devices in Japan is being supported in both tangible and intangible ways. The number of new and approved drugs available for the first time in Japan has significantly increased.

Japan’s strong capabilities in basic research have been appreciated for some time; however, this proficiency for basic research has not been fully reflected through translational medicine into clinical advances. There is still room for significant improvement. In addition, Japan has a leading position in postmarketing safety evaluation and the variety of measures that can be applied to new drugs which will be used first in Japan. In these ways, Japan’s role is changing significantly.

The themes of the 2013 and 2014 DIA Japan Annual Meetings were “Revolutionary Drug Development from Japan: The Role Academia, Regulators, and Industry should Play in the Discovery and Fostering of Innovative Drugs” and “The Dawn of Medical Innovation that Transcends Boundaries,” respectively, where the foundations of research and development were actively debated and discussed. This year, “Medicine Development” is selected as the theme to discuss how to achieve actual results, building on those previous discussions. Medicine Development means continuously generating data on benefits and risks of drugs, medical devices, and regenerative medicines, etc., from development through postmarketing, to enhance value. The value of products used in medical care means the added value which is provided to patients. We have to
recognize the change in paradigm from the conventional company-centered medicine development to patient-focused medicine development. Innovation is not generated only by industry, government and academia, but by the entire society by enhancing a quadripartite partnership including patients. In this era, innovation driven by the country of Japan, and also by each and every individual in the country, will deliver significant results in medicine development, and bring us to the next horizon. We invite you to join us in fruitful discussions to explore this new territory.


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Program Committee

  • Akihisa  Harada, MD, PhD
    Akihisa Harada, MD, PhD President
    Pfizer Japan Inc., Japan
  • Satoshi  Saeki, MSc
    Satoshi Saeki, MSc Head of Japan Operational Excellence, Medical Affairs, Japan
    Astellas Pharma Inc., Japan
  • Tsuyoshi  Ando, PhD
    Tsuyoshi Ando, PhD Review Director, Office of Vaccines and Blood Products
    Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), Japan
  • Hideki  Hanaoka, MD, PhD
    Hideki Hanaoka, MD, PhD Doctor
    Chiba University Hospital, Japan
  • Yasuhiro  Honsho
    Yasuhiro Honsho Associate Director, Safety & Risk Management Department
    Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd., Japan
  • Yoichi M.  Ito, PhD
    Yoichi M. Ito, PhD Director
    Hokkaido University Hospital, Institute of Health Science Innovation, Japan
  • Kazuhiro  Kanmuri, PhD
    Kazuhiro Kanmuri, PhD Vice President, Product Development and Clinical Operations
    Ascent Development Services Inc, Japan
  • Kazuhiro  Keitoku
    Kazuhiro Keitoku Director, Head of Global Patient Safety, Japan
    BeiGene Japan, Japan
  • Hiroshi  Kosaku, MSc
    Hiroshi Kosaku, MSc Senior Corporate Officer, Non-clinical CRO Business, Bio-CDMO Business
  • Rei  Maeda
    Rei Maeda Consultant
    Independent Consultant for Drug PV, Japan
  • Shogo  Nakamori, MBA, MSc, RPh
    Shogo Nakamori, MBA, MSc, RPh Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Southeast
    DIA, Japan
  • Junichi  Nishino, MSc, RPh
    Junichi Nishino, MSc, RPh Head, Regulatory Affairs Department
    Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Japan
  • Mitsuhiro  Okamoto, RPh
    Mitsuhiro Okamoto, RPh Associate Director, HR Development, Development Management Dept
    Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, Japan
  • Junko  Onaka
    Junko Onaka Group Manager, Labeling Group, Regulatory Compliance Dept, RA Div.
    Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K., Japan
  • Yukie  Sano
    Yukie Sano Office of Generic Drugs
    Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), Japan
  • Takashi  Sato, MSc, PMP
    Takashi Sato, MSc, PMP
    PM Orchestra Takashi Sato, Japan
  • Miwa  Tamada
    Miwa Tamada Manager, New Drug RA Department, Regulatory Affairs
    GlaxoSmithKline K.K., Japan
  • Rick  Tsai, DMD, MD
    Rick Tsai, DMD, MD Head of Medical Affairs, Exective Officer
    MSD K.K., Japan
  • Yoichi  Yamamoto, MD, PhD
    Yoichi Yamamoto, MD, PhD Professor, Department of Medical Innovation
    Osaka University Hospital, Japan
  • Sanae  Yasuda, PhD
    Sanae Yasuda, PhD Senior Director, Clinical Pharmacology, Medicine Development Center
  • Hidenobu  Yoshida
    Hidenobu Yoshida Group Manager, Japan Development, Japan Data & Statistical Sciences Group
    AbbVie GK, Japan
  • Shingo  Hasetoh
    Shingo Hasetoh Director, Development Intelligence
    Pfizer Japan Inc., Japan
  • Junko  Sato, PhD
    Junko Sato, PhD Associate Executive Director
    Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), Japan

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