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W 49: Integrated Solution to Improve Eligibility Fraction and Time Factor in Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

Poster Presenter

      Nihar Parikh

      • Healthcare Consultant
      • CitiusTech Inc.
        United States


Discuss an integrated solution that brings together recruiter & sources to contribute collectively towards patient recruitment and key challenges in standing up such a system



Studied the survey on traditional methods employed for patient recruitment and impact they have on clinical trials. Evaluated key strategies and solutions proposed to reduce recruitment time and improve eligibility fraction


Majority (nearly 86%) of clinical trials conducted in the United States fail to enrol subjects within contract period despite of many efforts. Too small subject pool per site,limited site capabilities & lack of patient awareness are potential factors for such failures. This demands a collaborative approach amongst research sites and patients to maximize subject pool in time & cost-effective manner.


Based on the survey analysis, it demands an intelligent system which integrates different sites, providers and patients to form a clinical trial community. The objective of such system is to meet enrolment goals by transforming patient information systems into clinical trial sensing nodes. IHE RM profile is a step forward to automate the search of appropriate subjects so we can enhance it to build such a smart system. A central hub shall host several clinical trial domains comprising of Patient Recruiters (Recruitment firms,CRO,etc.) & Patient Information Sources (EHR/PHR,etc.). Each recruiter configures domain with the eligibility criteria. Once domain is formed, recruiter triggers a federated search on the subscribed sources. The hub reconciles list of consented patients whose health records match the trial requirements. Besides, patient sources can self-trigger a search for matching new patients to trials notifying respective recruiters. Additionally, domains can serve as platforms for communication, query resolution, advertisement, & patient education. Collaborative approach for patient recruitment facilitates focused search improving enrolment fraction. It also functions as a channel for targeted advertisements and patient education improving patient awareness. Effectiveness of above solution shall multiply as & when more number of recruiters and patient information sources register to hub subscribing for clinical trials. This would ultimately facilitate selection of diverse range of patients best-suited for the trial in a reduced period of time.

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