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Innovative Therapies, Precision Medicine & Diagnostics

Scientific development in innovative therapies and precision medicine is evolving rapidly. More specifically, we are seeing potentially curative therapies not only in rare disease but also in development for prevalent conditions. We are currently at a turning point in Europe, where Regulators, policy makers and payers must adapt to address the dynamic environment and scientific evolution. Innovation in medicine only adds value when it reaches patients in time.

Who is This Track Designed For?

All developers of innovative therapies, precision medicines and diagnostics: global regulators, policy makers, industry leaders, academics, patients, HTA bodies representatives and payers.

Topic Leaders

Claudia Dollins

Claudia Dollins

Vice President, Precision Medicines, Global Regulatory Affairs

GSK, United States

Michela Gabaldo

Michela Gabaldo

VP ATMP Global Regulatory Affairs

Evotec, Italy

Sophie Schmitz

Sophie Schmitz

Managing Partner

P4A Partners for Access, The Netherlands

DIA Europe 2023 Highlights

It will provide updates on key developments on the GCP Renovation (ICH E6, ICH E8), Clinical Trial Regulation, the Clinical Trial Information System, data submission, transparency, navigating ethical approval, study design in the digital age, innovative clinical trial designs (umbrella and platform trials, patient centricity), digital tools in development and other hot topics. It should be a must-attend for optimising development programmes and identifying cost savings through efficiency and innovation.

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