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Digital Health Technology and Meaningful Change

Calling all DIA Members! Sign in and Join industry and regulatory experts in a discussion about meaningful change tresholds and ways to forge a path towards establishing digital endpoints.


This program has been developed in collaboration with the Study Endpoints, Statistics & Data Science, and Clinical Research Communities.

This webinar brings together the DIA Study Endpoints, Statistics & Data Science, and Clinical Research Communities to share updates from the Study Endpoints Community's Meaningful Change Initiative. An overview of the overall initiative will be provided, followed by a deeper dive into digital tools. The webinar will include a moderated panel comprised of industry and regulatory experts discussing their perspectives on meaningful change and digital endpoints.

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  • Discuss current definitions of and thresholds for meaningful change and its application in research
  • Describe best practices for use of digital endpoints
  • Summarize the DIA Meaningful Change working group goals and objectives and progress to them