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Most people think they are effective communicators but how many of us are truly impactful in our communication? This short course will focus on the best practices for effective business communication using the mnemonic “CATCH’EM”:
  • Cut to the chase: Punchline comes first, followed by details or justifications
  • Anticipate your audience: Research them in advance to establish common ground or purpose
  • Talk to reach agreement; email to document agreement, not vice versa
  • Clarify your references: Don’t assume others understand your business or jargon
  • Hone your ask: Be specific on what you need from your audience, and set a deadline for response
  • Enthrall their attention: Use vivid language to illustrate to peak their interest
  • Maximize win-win: Make clear how your collaboration will help both parties

Real life examples will be discussed, and role play will be used to enforce concepts and deepen understanding.

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This short course is designed for business professionals looking to sharpen their communication skills.


At the conclusion of this short course, participants should be able to:
  • Define awareness on different ways to communicate
  • Describe business and interpersonal communication.