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Virtual Event

2023年10月10日 (火) 午後 1:00 - 2023年10月12日 (木) 午後 5:30

4051 Basel, Switzerland

Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacovigilance

NEW OFFERING! A practical orientation virtual live training course for the next level of pharmacovigilance technology as it is being implemented across the industry.


A practical orientation course for the next level of pharmacovigilance technology as it is being implemented across the industry. Over the last 7 years, major advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology have reached the pharmacovigilance (PV) industry and are changing how we operate with ever-increasing speed. A new skillset for pharmacovigilance professionals is required.

The course is designed to give all senior pharmacovigilance professionals sufficient orientation to make an informed decision and use the new technology in a smart and compliant way.

The course is given by pharmacovigilance and IT veterans who are fearless in enabling sustainable innovation and have hands-on experience with AI tools in pharmacovigilance. A regulatory point of view is represented in panel discussions.

  • 50:50 mix of technology vs business contents. Technology topics require no prior technical knowledge; all are explained clearly.
  • Each day mixes business and technology topics.



  • PV journey from manual through RPA to AI
  • AI and NLP in PV
  • Compliance and Management perspective on implementing intelligent automation
  • Today's PV interfaces and systems
  • Next PV IT frontiers
  • Developing regulatory environment for AI in PV



Pharmacovigilance and IT professionals with 2+ years of PV experience who wish to gain a practical overview of all AI technologies coming to the pharmacovigilance industry.



  • Understand how main AI methodologies work - machine learning, natural language processing, classifications, large language models, other ML.
  • Clearly explain pros and cons of AI models that are already being used in PV, including OpenAI ChatGPT (3.5 and 4.0), Google Bard, Anthropic Claude 2, MS Copilot etc.
  • Identify and manage risks to your data security, data privacy, bias and ethical concerns.
  • Discuss the management perspective and challenges - people, skills, governance, audits, and compliance.
  • Review what today's PV IT platforms deliver in terms of implementations, AI, and automation, including major systems such as Oracle Argus, IQVIA IVP, RxLogix, LifeSphere by ArisGlobal etc.
  • Brainstorm what would be the perfect PV IT intelligent system of the future.
  • Roadmap for successful AI implementation in your PV system.


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