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The Conference at Your Fingertips

Designed to enhance your meeting experience and provide valuable information in one place.

With the mobile app you have the conference at your fingertips:

  • Create “My Agenda” with your personal sessions and synchronise it with your device’s calendar to set reminders
  • Browse and bookmark speakers, sessions, and exhibitors to quickly access them with one touch 
  • Find exhibitors on the interactive floor plan
  • Share your DIA Europe experiences through photos, posts, and more
Use the Mobile App to interact with other attendees, speakers, and exhibitors in real-time, making your DIA Europe 2018 experience all the more interactive, and entertaining!

To download, search for “DIA Global” in your app store. You can already download the DIA Global App, however the DIA Europe 2018 content will be more fully accessible closer to the event.

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Accessing the DIA Europe event:

  • Sign in with the email address used to register for the conference.
  • Use the Reset Password link to set your password
  • Once logged in, select DIA Europe 2018 from the Events selection

Only those registered for DIA Europe 2018 have access to this event on the DIA Global App.

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If you need assistance installing the App or logging in, please contact attendeesupport@doubledutch.me.

Not able to Access an Apple or Android device?
Access the mobile web version, a browser-based version for use on most web-enabled smartphones or your computer.